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Families and singles or elderly people without resources who cannot afford to fix their house, have been able to count on one more year of the generous help of 260 young volunteers who have dedicated their free time to clean and fix the faces of some of these homes. 15 houses in the Barrio del Pilar and Tetuán have been given a hand to help with painting, and helping people who spend most of their time alone in their homes.

The help these children give isn´t only material. On top of painting the walls, the volunteers give the important gift of closeness, support, and affection for the beneficiaries who otherwise wouldn´t receive anything of the like. Laura, a volunteer from this year who just finished studying Pharmacy, tells us “I´ve learned we are more useful than we think, because even if we do something small, for them, especially the elderly, it means more than it seems because they are very alone and they think everything they have to say you will find boring. That´s why they love to see young people, to hear them tell their stories, what you do, what you study. . . ” Marta, an 18 year old student at colegio de Vallecas, assures us that this experience opens your eyes: “There are people all around you who are having a rough time and need help even if they don´t ask for it so we need to ask them because there are times when they don´t. This is a unique opportunity, and honestly I´m super happy. I think I´m going to continue volunteering.” Dani, studying law, also thinks “volunteering provides a lot, especially a broadening of horizons because there are people you don´t see outside of the people closest to your family and friends who are right beside you, but volunteering makes you see that there are people different from those in your immediate environment.”

Pablo is studying electric engineering and has been participating in the Operación Rehabilitación de Viviendas (Operation rehabilitate the homes) “This is my third year painting homes; I always come back. It’s important to do things for others, especially those who can´t do them for themselves. And looking at how things are going right now, there is no shortage of opportunities!” Paula, studying business with fashion in the Complutense, is also clear that “volunteering is an experience everyone should live at least once.”

Thank you to all who have given of your time, effort, care and hope so that Operación Rehabilitación de Viviendas could make it to these twenty years of improving the living conditions of families in need!

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