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Álvaro M. Arauna is an spanish young boy, coming from Madrid, that has spent the summer in Helsinki helping IYC Suomi with the projects developed during those months in Finland.

Álvaro has shared with us his testimony:

My name is Álvaro Arauna and, being 19 years old I’m already sure I have lived one of the most valuable and complete experiences of my life (and there is still a lot for me ahead!).

I have been part of the summer exchange programme between Cooperación Internacional Spain and International Youth Cooperation Suomi (Finland). I stayed as a volunteer in IYC headquarters in Helsinki during a month and a half after my first year of undergraduate degree. And I don’t think I could have had better invested holidays.

I mainly worked in the development of a project called Hävitetään Hävikkiä (translated into english: battle against food waste). Our major challenge was to canalize the daily food waste in good condition that supermarkets use to dispose (a daily average of 20kg per small supermarket) and distribute it to people in adjusted economic situations. When I tell this story in Spain I listen to a common question: “but, there is necessity in Finland?” Yes. As in every part of the world, however developed.

This exchange gave me the fantastic opportunity of knowing the stories, illusions and worries of whom quickly became friends, like Karin, Jalmari, Andre, Mary, Irina… And with them, a new and authentic vision of friendship, faith, sacrifice, kindness and love. There were many hours of work (project explanations, organization, food collection, preparation, car trips); but thousands (millions!) more of illusion, joy, pleasure and so many feelings that I’m not able to describe. In the end, trying to live our motto: #LivingForOthers.

And to all of these was added living with other IYC participants, where I felt like a member of the family. There were incredible times of team work, time together, excursions, conversations, laughs…

Ultimately, an experience in the most pure meaning of the word; to live new lifes, to feel new feelings, to suffer new sufferings and to love new lovers. Everything thanks to them. Everything with them. With Karim, Jalmari, Andre, Mary, Irina, Jury, Santi, Philippe, Viljami; and many others… They have gifted me much more than what I have been able to do for them in these months. Gifts that I could never forget.

Thank you, my friends. See you soon.

Álvaro M. Arauna.


Alvaro on 19-vuotias espanjalainen, joka on tullut tekemään vapaaehtoistyötä kesän ajaksi. Videossa hän kuvailee hankkeita, joihin osallistuu Suomessa ollessaan 🙂 #Summer2018 #LivingForOthers #InternationalYouth

Geplaatst door IYC Suomi op Dinsdag 26 juni 2018

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