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A group of volunteers from IYC Sweden has traveled to Uganda to help in the construction of a school for local children. This project was born from the necessity of the community of Gomba district, where there are no buildings or places that can hold educational services.

Thus, the volunteers will be working on different tasks to raise the building and give this region a place where people can learn basic needed knowledge to get a good background for facing the challenges of the future. 

For the development of the work, the volunteers will count on the collaboration of another group of young students from Makerere University. The first weeks have been very profitable, and many good results have been achieved. The impact of the young volunteers has been quite remarkable, as they have been integrated into the community due to their great mood and will to engage the locals in games, activities, talks, and cultural exchanges. 

Every single day, once the daily work has ended, they spend time with the people playing, singing, dancing, or doing some sports. This provides the atmosphere of work with very good vibes, generating a great environment and leading the project through a higher level that goes beyond the main goals. 

Regarding the current achievements, it could be highlighted the construction of two water wells in areas near the town. Since the only water source was placed far away from the main point of the district, the existence of these two new fonts will improve the access of the majority of the population to this basic resource. 

They will keep on working through the next weeks, and what is clear is that they will leave a great mark on the people of Gomba, who are already delighted with the help and involvement of these guys.

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